The Match

Oh, friends and blog followers... life turned upside down this past month — in the absolute best way.


Shortly after our first "no," we decided to present to another expectant mom.

She was due April 30th with a little boy, and we were ecstatic. While it almost felt like we didn't even give that first "no" time to settle, we couldn't come up with any reasons to NOT present again so soon. This seemed like the perfect situation, and we were excited.

We presented (gave our profile book) to Mama T, almost 36 weeks along, expectant with a son, from Daytona Beach, Florida.

The Match - our adoption journey
I always wondered what this moment would be like, the moment when someone decided WE would be a good fit with their beloved child.

Two days later, I received a call from Florida around 2 pm on Friday, March 31st. With our consultant, a call is GOOD news. But this wasn't from our consultant's number, so I answered not knowing what to anticipate. It was indeed the adoption agency in Florida.

"She picked your profile and wants to talk with you tonight."

I always wondered what this moment would be like, the moment when someone decided WE would be a good fit with their beloved child.

Unworthiness instantly washed over me. Then panic. I'm pretty sure I looked like a complete dork as I waved my arms around, trying to signal to John that our profile had been chosen. He looked at me perplexed, but I was trying to focus on our adoption case worker's every word to make sure that I understood everything that was about to happen next. Finally I was able to catch my breath and get out a line to John — She picked us!

This was far from the picture perfect moment I had planned in my mind. You know, like those perfect pregnancy announcements you see on Pinterest? Yeah, I had one of those moments planned for our match. I was going to find out from our consultant mid-day, and have time to plan a nice dinner for us where I'd reveal to John the match with some clever "clues" and final grand surprise.

Instead, there I was, flailing my arms and gasping for air. "She wants to talk with us in a few hours!" 

I proceeded to call our consultant and let her in on the news (again, a little backwards—but with Mama T being already 36 weeks along, everything was a tad bit scrambled). Then we prepared for "the call."


Both us and Mama T were rather nervous, but this hour and a half call was nothing short of wonderful. We got to know her, she got to know us and ask us a lot of important questions (showing just how much she truly loves her child), and we both got off the phone, confident in moving forward.

A lot of people ask us WHY she chose us.

While there are many reasons that she communicated to us, the biggest reasons where that I work from home (she really desired a stay-at-home mom for her son), we love to go camping (she grew up camping!), and our son would always be a part of our family and loved—no matter what the future would hold. She wanted a wonderful, loving life for him—and we could give that to her son.

Us on the call with Mama T (yep, I snapped a photo)!

Us on the call with Mama T (yep, I snapped a photo)!

We Matched Final.png

The feeling, my friends, was utterly and completely surreal. We were matched with an expectant mother. Our son was known. All those thoughts and prayers were suddenly aligned with a very real little life. And we were going to be his parents.

The nursery was pretty much ready, our jobs allowed us to leave any minute, the stage was set for a quick arrival! But us needing to move fast was an understatement. We'd have to cancel our upcoming fundraisers, pursue the means for emergency funds... oh yeah, and tell our friends and family! 


On Saturday (the next day), we got together with family and told them all about our match. My parents got us some adorable baby boy clothes in celebration, and things were starting to get REAL.

And then Sunday happened.

We were out to lunch with friends when I got a text from Mama T saying she wasn't feeling well and may be experiencing preeclampsia. We knew that meant an early arrival for baby, so we prayed for her—then scrambled to get things in place just in case things started happening quickly. That's also when we thought—oh hey, we should probably let our awesome tribe in on the news! And publicly announced our match on Facebook that evening.


The next 24 hours were a blur. But to sum it up: On Monday (April 3rd), Mama T was admitted to the hospital and we waited, prayed, and talked with her throughout the day. On Tuesday morning, April 4th, we received the news that she would be induced. Within hours, us and my mom (because we wanted our mom to experience this with us!) were on a direct flight to Orlando.

Flying to Orlando! Our adoption journey


The rest of our adoption journey coming soon!