Making Progress: An Adoption Update!

I was holding out... I didn't want to write a blog post until our home study was finished, new fundraiser was underway, and our profile books were in hand! But alas... "just one more week" keeps turning into two, three, and now FOUR more weeks.

So, it's time for me to give in and post an update. 

February Adoption Update

First, we ARE close to finishing our home study!

We just received a complete draft of the study, and will be reviewing it in the next few days. Then we have one final meeting with our case worker to sign the home study, and we become officially home study approved!

 What happens once we finish the home study?

In short, we officially become a waiting family. Yep, waiting (and praying) for little baby C.
We just finished our profile book and ordered our first printed batch. Here's a peek:

Christian Family Adoption Profile Pages

Once we have these in hand, we'll be able to start applying to adoption agencies, and our fantastic consultant will start to search for an expectant mother that could be a good fit for us. Then we review those expectant mother's profiles, and decide who we'd like to present our profile book to. This process can go on and on and on... but eventually we'll have what's called a "match," when the expectant mother chooses us to parent their child! Then things happen REAL quick (because matches don't happen until the expectant mother's third trimester). 


The nursery is underway.

We debated for a while whether or not to start putting together the nursery so soon. But we came to a lot of peace knowing that while having a room all ready for baby C might bring with it a painful reminder of the wait, it'd also bring a reminder of hope and joy. Baby C's room is going to become our sacred space—a space for prayer, crying, laughing, and feeling connected with our child growing in our hearts as we wait.

So, first things first, we painted. (Goodbye, terrible yellow that's haunted us ever since we moved in!)

Nursery decorating for our future adopted child
Nursery decorating adoption
Nursery decorating for our future adopted child

It also feels so celebratory to dive into starting the nursery! We took a trip to Denver on Saturday just to price out various pieces of furniture, and start looking at different options. We had so much fun! We DID start an online baby registry that we'll share once we're home study approved, but we can reveal that the theme is woodland creatures. (I know... no surprise given my absolute love for foxes and the mountains.)


Active fundraiser: Just Love Coffee

While we're still planning bigger upcoming fundraisers, we do have an ongoing one we hope you coffee lovers will take advantage of.  Rumor has it, this coffee tastes GREAT (not just we think so!). So if you looooove coffee, and want a portion of your caffeine-driven purchase to go towards our adoption, just visit our Just Love Coffee page and check out their beans!

And to answer SO many inquiries - we ARE trying to work through the logistics of a second online auction. But we need YOUR help to make it happen! We exhausted our resources for the first auction, and don't have too many shops left to approach for donations. If you make something, or offer a service that you'd like to donate to our auction, or know of someone else that would, PLEASE email me at We'll let you know if the upcoming month if the auction is official!


While it's been a while since you've heard from us on the blog, we do try to consistently post on our Instagram feed. So make sure to connect with us there!


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Hopefully you'll hear from us again in another week or two!

- Melody