Adoption: Our Marketing Plan

One of the first, preliminary steps to raising the funds we need for our adoption is to create a marketing plan. Business me stepped in swiftly to construct (I feel like this is going to be one of my favorite parts of this process...)

As I've mentioned, our guiding book has been You Can Adopt Without Debt. The fundraising ideas in this book are invaluable! But, it's critical we weed through all of the ideas and find the right ones for us—from both a capacity, talents, and resources standpoint. 

So here's a summary of the planning stage as well as some of the exciting start of various fundraisers!

John and Melody Adopt! Here's a summary of our marketing plan as we begin to market and raise funds for the adoption.


Yeah, I know. BORING. But critical first step for us as we eliminated luxury expenses such as Starbucks, Spotify Premium, Netflix, and eating out. That being said—we're doing our best to not become complete and total social-less hermits. We have designated those expenses and plan the heck out of those dollars.

The sacrifice starts here. With us. And every dollar that CAN go to this adoption IS going to this adoption. 

Just Love Coffee

We have an entire page dedicated to our Just Love Coffee sales! So for the details, go there. But... why Just Love Coffee? First, we love what they stand for. We love their business model and how they give to those looking to raise funds for good causes. Also, the percentage we receive on each bag of coffee sold is pretty reasonable! And they take care of all of the orders—from sale to shipping, to customer satisfaction! Meaning... we get to focus on promoting the buying of this delicious coffee with every penny we make on it going towards our adoption fund without worrying about all of the logistics. Pretty. Great.

Oh, and here we are, completely unstaged (especially John's mug), loving this coffee.

Recycling Aluminum

It's true! We're finally recycling! (Don't judge...) We want ALL of your aluminum. From foil, to pie pans, to soda cans... if it's aluminum, we will take it from you. In fact, we'll even give you a trashcan to collect all of it in (either a small under-the-sink basket as pictured, or a large we-love-soda-and-foil trashcan). Just let us know you want in on the collecting!

Recycling aluminum for our adoption!

Adopt Shop

We're currently taking donations for the shop! Here's how it works: If you make something (we know we have talented friends), fill out our shop donation form along with a few photos of your item. Then it'll be added to our shop. When someone purchases your item, you'll be informed and sent their address, and then you send them your item (along with any promotional material you'd like for return business). 

We'll do our best to promote you here on the site, AND you get to write off your donation.

We're excited to see what all of you creative beings are going to donate!

Click the Adopt Shop donation form above to instantly download!

Click the Adopt Shop donation form above to instantly download!

Direct Donation

Obviously donating directly to us is the best way for us to be able to collect funds. We have two ways for anyone to be able to do so.

1. Send money via PayPal. They don't take any of it, so 100% of your donation goes straight to us!

2. Donate through our website via credit card. Only a small fee comes out for credit card processing fees. Totally secure, and simple!


Directly asking for funds is HARD, no matter the cause. That's why we hope people will visit our FAQ page so they understand why we're asking and what the funds are for specifically. We want direct donations to be from the heart. We don't want ANYONE to feel pressured into giving. We know that giving looks like prayers, kind words, hugs, and just being there for us. So sure—obviously we need these funds to be able to bring our baby home. But just being there for us? SO encouraging! It carries us. So thank you.

Coming soon

We have other fundraisers currently being planned, such as t-shirt sales, a giant Springtime garage sale (we're accepting donated items!), an auction dinner, and more! So we're pretty excited about all of that. (Not enough time in a day!)


We know God will provide... but we also know that God doesn't provide when we sit on our butts and don't DO anything! That's why we're pouring our hearts into this marketing plan, knowing that 38k is a really big number, but that what God can do, and the support people can provide is even bigger.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!