First $100!

While we still have yet to announce the adoption publicly and start fundraising (waiting is tough, my friends), we HAVE been purging the house! We officially have an entire spare bedroom full of stuff ready to sell at our Springtime fundraising garage sale (PS: Save your junk. We'll come pick it up from you because we'd love to sell it at our garage sale in Spring!), I condensed six large boxes of childhood stuff down to two boxes, AND we officially listed all of our higher valued items on Craigslist. Which leads me to THIS...

Fundraising for adoption, the Christian Family in Colorado

We made our first $100!

Call it small... but this is the first chunk of cash we made that was officially put into our adoption fund! I kind of ran around in a circle with it for a few minutes (don't judge—I didn't know what else to do). God's provision is amazing, you guys. I'll be honest, right now, my business is slow - the slowest it's been since I started it. Everything around me says PANIC. Be worried you're not going to raise the 38k or ever make bringing home your baby a reality.

But God says otherwise. It's not a coincidence business is slow right now. I know what God demands of our faith. The support we've already witnessed from our closest family and friends we've shared with is evidence to the POWER, the village, that is going to make this thing happen. We sold one item, made $100. Not a big deal. Except it is, because it's just the beginning to something great.

Oh, a quick behind-the-scenes pic for you:

Adoption photoshoot, Colorado Springs, adoption in Colorado Christian family

Yesterday we had our adoption photoshoot, donated by the lovely Moriah Riona. By the time the most of you see this post, these photos will be ALL over our website. But hey... here we are candidly smiling post photoshoot just for kicks.

Until the next exciting update,