Our Adoption Auction

In less than a week, one of our most exciting fundraisers is going to kickoff—

our Instagram adoption auction! 

Christian Family Adoption Auction

Over the course of the last two months, I've been in contact with some amazing business owners and have asked if any of them would be willing to donate their beautiful products to our auction. The response has been AMAZING. Their generosity, overflowing. And it's because of them that this is possible!

The auction will be held on Instagram, and these past two weeks we've been featuring all of the items that will be available for bidding. (Check it out!)


So, how does it work?

  • The auction opens at 8 am MST on Wednesday, November 16th and closes at 10 pm MST on Friday, November 18th.
  • Each item will be listed at a starting bid of around 50-60% off of their retail value (whew!). Bids MUST start at the minimum bid amount.
  • To bid: comment on the item at a higher, whole-dollar amount than the bidder who posted before you. TAG the previous bidder (so that they know they've been outbid!).
  • If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you agree to pay the whole amount bid through a PayPal invoice within 24 hours (we will message you for your email address immediately following the close of the auction). If you do not pay, the item is then offered to the next highest bidder.

Note: If you've participated in an Instagram auction before, you've probably bid with your email address. While this makes a ton of sense (for invoicing purposes later), there's been reports of Instagram glitching when an email address is a part of a comment. So for that reason, we're eliminating the email addresses in the bidding process.

If you're not super familiar with Instagram and what bidding might look like, I'll give you a quick walk-through (screenshots from a desktop browser):


Here's our Instagram account currently! Look at all those amazing items! I'll be honest. It's going to take everything in me not to bid on these items myself. (Kind of defeats the purpose, no?)


Click on an item you're interested in and the item will pop up in a new window. Here you'll see the item description, who the item is from, and the starting bid for the item.

Add a comment on Instagram

You'll notice that in the lower right corner (in a web browser, otherwise it's at the bottom of the post description in the app) is a place for you to comment. This is where you'll put your bid in a whole dollar amount higher than the bidder before you. You MUST tag the previous bidder so they know they've been outbid! To do this, simply type @username before your bid amount, OR swipe left over the previous bidder's name and hit the reply arrow that appears in gray (it'll automatically enter their username into the comment section).

Add a bid in an Instagram auction

Should look something like this! ^

Post your comment—and that's it! Keep your eye on it, watch those notifications (you'll be notified if you've been outbid), and make a higher bid to lock in your purchase! At 10 pm MST on November 18th, the auction will officially CLOSE and the highest bidder's email collected. You must pay your invoice AND provide your address within 24 hours to receive your item!

If you bid on a service (such as photography, logo design, or website design), the service provider will be in touch with you to schedule and initiate the project.


We hope you'll add a calendar reminder to pop over to our Instagram on the 16th to participate in the auction. If you know of anyone that would love to get some Christmas shopping done while contributing to our adoption fund, PLEASE SHARE! 

UPDATE: The auction was a success!
We raised a total of $1192!

Thank you to all who participated AND donated their lovely items! 

Questions about auction logistics? Ask below!