The Adoption Auction Numbers

The Auction Results

As most of you know, we held our Instagram adoption auction last Wednesday through Friday. The support and turn-out was amazing! Bids were made (it was actually super fun to watch... I want to participate next time!), winners deemed, invoices paid, and items shipped! Error count: one... and it was very, very minor. I thank my multiple excel sheets, color-coding system, and calendar alerts for the small number of casualties. (The fear of screwing everything up was REAL, y'all!)


We auctioned off 48 items, over 50 different bidders participated, and we raised:


And that's after PayPal and shipping fees were deducted! We covered the auction in prayer, and had faith that it'd gain the exposure it needed to be a success. We're SO grateful!

World Adoption Day

Simultaneous to our auction, we also we were able to become a beneficiary family to a t-shirt fundraiser held by Kindred + Co.! On World Adoption Day the fundraiser launched, and in less than 24 hours they reached their goal of selling 50 shirts! So the goal was then raised to 100, we're at 89 shirts sold—and there's still 7 days left to buy!

Read more about the meaning behind the t-shirt, World Adoption Day, and meet the Kindred + Co. community on the Kindred + Co. blog!

World Adoption Day!
World Adoption Day!
Kindred + Co Fundraiser Tshirts
Tshirt fundraiser for adoption

Home Study Update

We've officially dove into the massive pile of paperwork this week. And it's...paperwork. Yep. You all know this is THE most exciting part of the process, right? ;)


We have SO much to thank God for this year (as we do every day). We hope you enjoy your family and friends this holiday season, and as always, we appreciate your love and support of our journey.

I'll be publishing a blog post first thing on Black Friday that introduces you all to some excellent small businesses to help support during this holiday season! After connecting with so many amazing shop owners through the auction, I got inspired to spread the word about people with amazing products and how you can support THEM vs. big box stores this year. 

Obviously this year we're rather limited in our gift purchasing, but we're looking for creative ways to spend time with our families and do some small Christmas shopping TOGETHER. Because that's what's most important anyways, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!