One Month Adoption Update

Well... one month and a few days. But who's keeping track?

On October 9th (our six year wedding anniversary) we announced that we're adopting! Since then, we've been on a roller coaster ride of fundraising, applying, emailing, and organizing of so, so many things. Here's our latest:

Officially, as of last Friday, we are 50% funded! 

*insert a little dance here* I'd love to take credit for... well... any of it. But truth is, this is all due to our amazing friends' generosity and wide open, gracious hearts. No "thanks" are sufficient. God is proving so faithful! Our village is awesome. 

We've been accepted by our home study agency!

We didn't hear anything for nearly a week after applying to the agency, which had us slightly nervous - but last Thursday we were officially accepted by Adopt TRIAD for our home study! A giant blue folder of paperwork is on its way to our home, and we'll be diving in this upcoming week. Bring it!

This weekend we completed our Adoption Education!

Colorado requires 16 hours of adoption education, and while at first it seemed a little "ho hum" (16 hours... WHAT?), it was INVALUABLE. We learned so much this weekend, from technicalities like adoption laws, to issues as personal as bonding with our child, and even details surrounding the birth mom and our relationship with her. For the first time we got to see what an expectant mom's profile will look like when we review our options (SO eye opening). We were able to visualize situations with our adopted child and learned how to address difficult issues, craft their beautiful story, and show our child how much love surrounds them (even from their birth family). We also got to mingle with local adoptive families. Guess what? We're not in this alone!

Adoption Education in Colorado Springs with Step Ahead Adoption


Colorado requires the ed... but I don't see how anyone adopting could skip it. Our teacher was so knowledgeable and personable. We soaked it all in (and I was kind of sad when we finished). Check out our sweet massive binder:

Colorado CORE Education materials for adoption
CORE Education for Colorado adoptions

To say a lot has happened this past month is an understatement. It's becoming SO real, SO tangible, and we cannot wait for what this next month will hold! 

Speaking of, in just THREE DAYS (Nov 16) our adoption auction is going to be OPEN! 

The final count: 47 items, 32 donors, and so far 50+ people attending. So much time, effort, and energy has gone into making this happen, and I cannot WAIT to see it all unfold! More of God's provision being revealed. More generous hearts. More... fun (honestly). We'd love for you to join us!


Oh, oh, oh—ONE last thing... something pretty darn cool is happening very, very soon.

Exciting adoption update

'Til next time,