Let the home study commence!

Hi family and friends! We have an exciting update to share with you!

First, this weekend we had our first ever Live Q & A on Facebook! We got to answer some fun questions concerning our adoption, fundraising with John's beard, and what we're most nervous about when it comes to being parents. We had a blast having a little chat with our friends, and are probably going to do it again soon!

If you missed it, make sure to jump over to Facebook for the recap.


Okay okay... on to the big news!

Have you noticed that significant bump in our progress bar? (I when I say significant, I mean we just jumped to being 43% funded!) Here's what happened:

We were taking a look at our adoption fund Thursday night. We were a certain amount short of being able to pay for the full home study, and while we felt like jumping the gun and applying (application alone is $500), we felt like we needed to have the money to actually start our home visits before we applied. So, we left it. Prayed over it. And exercised our patience muscle.

Friday evening we went to a friend's going away party. A donation came in... for the exact amount we needed to have enough for our home study. Such a tremendous blessing. These friends of ours... I tell ya. They're generous beyond words. And... this meant we could officially get the home study process started! 


Then (yep, there's more)... a second donation came in. Let's just say I'm gIad I was eating spicy chili at that moment, because I had an excuse for the tears that started streaming down my face. All I can tell you is this—God is faithful. He brings people into our lives that shape perfect future plans that we're not even aware of at the time. It blows my mind. And that donation, it made it so real.

That donation will be spent on agency fees, after a match is made, after expectant parents have chosen us. I couldn't help but to, in that moment, stop and pray for the expectant parents. They became more real to me. As I lifted up a praise of gratefulness, I thought of them, her, potentially raising up a cry for help. It's so important to remember the other side of it, and to pray for God to be present in all of our lives and give us pieces of hope—in whatever way that might appear. 

The pieces are falling into place.

THIS IS HAPPENING. You guys, this is actually happening.


An update from the Christians!

Here we are, taking a picture with thumbs-ups before we even knew what the night would hold. 


Each and every gift is such a blessing to us, you guys. No matter the amount. It means you're sacrificing FOR US, and for that we are so grateful. Baby Christian is already so loved. 

If you feel led to donate, just jump to our homepage and click on the big orange button.


Let the home study commence!