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John leading songs in the local church in Belarus.

John leading songs in the local church in Belarus.

I’m John Christian, 29 years old, I am an IT Support Analyst for a ministry here in Colorado Springs. I’m a Packers and Cubs fan (but definitely not a Bears fan). I grew up a Pastor’s kid, the middle child of five, I have an older brother and sister, and two younger brothers.

I grew up in Wisconsin, which means that yes—I love cheese. I was saved at age 4 and baptized a week after I was saved. My parents have always been huge influences in my life and I’m grateful that they raised me in the way of the Lord.  At the age of 17 my parents were called to be missionaries to Russia, and we went to Belarus to go to a missionary training school to learn the language and the culture. We sold everything and traveled the country for a year to raise support, and before I knew it I was learning Russian and leading songs in a church that we were working with in Belarus.

I grew to love the culture and the people there and am very grateful that God allowed me to be able to experience doing his work overseas.

John Off-roading, Colorado Christian adoption

When I turned 19, I came back to the states for college. I studied business management,  but more importantly, I met my future wife my first semester at college. I’m not sure how she tells the story, but she was head over heels for me at first sight! Okay, okay… so maybe I had a little bit of work to do to win her over. But that’s how every lasting relationship is. It takes effort and commitment.

Cabin in Wisconsin Colorado Christian adoption

After we both graduated, we got married in Colorado and settled down here. I immediately took to accounting and was a senior accountant three years into my career. But the stress of accounting took its toll, and I decided God was calling me to something else. That’s when I decided to pursue my enjoyment of fixing computers as a profession. Both Melody and I went through a time of huge transition between her starting her own business and me making a career change. It was a huge leap of faith, but we’re both happier because of  it and God continues to provide each day.

We have a beautiful home and enjoy our two dogs as a part of our family. We lead a Life Group for young families, and have a great community of family and friends surrounding us here in Colorado. Just announcing the adoption to family and friends has been so neat to witness! The joy that they show just verifies our decision to bring a child into our lives where he/she will be so loved.

When I’m not fixing computers, I’m usually being a nerd and talking about Star Wars and Star Trek. I also enjoy working on cars, taking on new projects around the house, and playing online games with friends. I love to go camping with my wife on the weekends, try new local places to eat, and travel to my family’s cottage in Wisconsin! Fishing on the lake out in the boat all day is my happy place.




Hi there! I’m Melody, 29 years old, graphic designer that owns my own business, and Packers and Cubs fan by marriage (what? They’re good teams!). I grew up in a small town in California in a God fearing family—amazing parents (married for 34 years!), a younger sister, and a younger brother. I was a tall, lanky, awkward kid that loved camping, art, and playing with her slew of farm-like animals—from horses, to sheep, to goats, to even chickens!

Melody with Ward 4 girls in Ukraine on a short term mission trip.

Melody with Ward 4 girls in Ukraine on a short term mission trip.

Age 12 was pretty important, because that’s when I found the Lord as my personal Savior. It’s kind of odd to think it took me until 12 to accept Christ, but sometimes when you grow up in a Christian family and school, attending church every single Sunday and hearing every single Bible story 10 times over—you just assume you’re in! It wasn’t until I really stopped to think about whether or not I had asked Christ to come into my heart that I realized I needed to make that decision official, and shortly thereafter was baptized on the same Sunday my parents were.

In my Junior year of high school, my family uprooted and made a new life in Colorado. Colorado was an exciting new start for all of us (and I fell in love with these mountains!). After graduating high school (I was homeschooled some of my high school years), I took a year of community college studying Interior Design. It was then I realized that I wanted to get into a creative career field as well as receive a solid Christian education.

That next year I was flying with my dad to Florida to attend Pensacola Christian College to study graphic design. Little did I know all that PCC would have in store for me (including those white sand beaches – WOW!). My freshman year, first semester, I was introduced to a guy named John. Though I was pretty set on just pursuing my studies, this John guy was pretty set on pursuing me. Finally in February of our second semester in college, on Valentine’s day, John asked me to be his girl.

John Off-roading, Colorado Christian adoption

John was my first boyfriend. And my last. We dated all through college, then got married the fall after graduation in October. John got a job transfer to Colorado, and I found a job in Colorado working as a graphic designer that summer after graduation. So Colorado it was!

Two years into our marriage, we bought a beautiful home in Palmer Lake. We are SO blessed to live in this quaint little mountain town! We’re a five minute walk from a pretty little lake, a two minute drive from some of the most beautiful hiking trails, and right off our deck you can see an entire line-up of gorgeous mountains at the foot of the Rockies. Sometimes I just can’t believe we call this place “home.”

Me and Dasha, Colorado Christian adoption

Adoption fits. The idea of it, the philosophy behind it—it fits into this lifestyle John and I have created. I now have my own graphic design business, allowing me to work from home. I LOVE helping all of my clients. I have more time to devote to the truly important things in life, and can devote myself to passion projects and pursuing my fullest potential that God has in store for me.

On the side I’m launching an endeavor called Rising Creatives where I help young creatives become profitable professionals through mentorships, community, and practical business courses. I have a passion and a desire to show young art kids how to support themselves doing what they love.

 In my “free time” I hike, camp with my husband, play with my dogs, do something not creative (like organize), and spend time playing games and eating good food with friends and family.