You love coffee.

Well how do you feel about coffee that originates from love?

We're raising funds through Just Love Coffee, a coffee company with some of the best, hand-roasted coffee from around the world that gives back to charities, social justice causes, and well... US!

We're combining our love for coffee and our love for our future child. Shop their finest roasted coffee selection by using the link below, and a portion of your purchase goes straight to us to help us with our adoption!

I mean really... can you just feel the love? We can!

Support John and Melody through Just Love Coffee!

John's favorite roast: Harrar

Rich, dark roast. Drink it black. It grows your beard.


Melody's favorite roast: Hello Sunshine

It's a delightful, mild, smooth blend that's perfect for your cup of coffee to get you going in the morning! 

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