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We brought our precious son home in April of 2017.

Since the adoption happened so quickly, we had to cancel several fundraisers and took out an emergency line of credit. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful people that donated to our adoption, and for God's continual provision. If you feel led to help us raise the remaining funds as we pay off the line of credit, you can donate here.



John and Melody Christian have been married for six years and live at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Palmer Lake with their two pups.

Three years ago they decided it was time to start a family. Little did they know that their exciting decision was going to lead to several years of facing unexplained infertility. “I’m amazed at all that God taught me—us—through dealing with infertility," Melody says. "We finally saw the once-invisible couples that longed on the sidelines for kids. The couples that had tears running down their cheeks on Mother’s and Father’s Day. I became one of them—and the relationships I’ve forged, all the things I learned through that experience I’ll never forget.”

Eventually they came to the realization that maybe God was telling them to act—that they didn’t need to wait on some medical explanation for infertility to give them the green light to do something they’d felt called to do. So… they decided it was time—time to adopt.

Melody went on a short term missions trip to Ukraine her senior year of high school. While the youth group team was there, they held a Bible camp for orphans. On the first day of camp, a little four-year-old girl, Yuliya, found Melody… and despite their language barrier, they were attached at the hip all week. It came to the end of their time together, and Melody thought it was best to treat their last night together like any night—a bedtime story, some hugs, and tucking Yuliya in for the night. When Melody got to Yuliya’s bed she was in tears—someone told her they were leaving. That was one of the hardest goodbyes. Melody knew Yuliya was going back to the orphanage—no family to greet her as she returned. In that moment, Melody decided that one day she’d adopt, that she’d do whatever she could to relieve at least one child from the confines of a hopelessness she saw in Yuliya's eyes.

James 1:27: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress...

John and Melody both talked about adoption as early as when they were first dating. Once the time came for them to decide together as a married couple to pursue adoption, they were both instantly on the same page.

“It was the night before my 29th birthday. We were laying in bed, and I leaned over to John and told him—I’m ready when you are. He looked at me with wide eyes—oh, I’m ready! Let’s adopt!”

While John and Melody both have huge hearts for the Slavic countries and hope to one day adopt from Ukraine, they want to start here. At home.

They believe that mothers faced with unplanned pregnancies should have a third option—the option for healthy, open adoption of their biological child. And without willing adoptive families, adoption wouldn’t be an option for those moms. That’s why John and Melody have decided that their adoption journey starts through a domestic infant adoption. While they still hope for biological children someday, they’re excited to grow their family through love first.

“It’s almost surreal that God is saying act—ACT NOW. Adopt now. But we know there's a reason. There's a reason why He's calling us to start this process now. And we’re ready. We’re ready to bless the life of a little boy or girl and their expectant parents, and we’re ready for them to bless us by making us parents for the first time.”

Adoption is going to be a huge leap of faith for the Christians. This adoption is estimated to cost them around $38,000. But God has told them to take big leaps of faith before—and He has always come through.

“Doesn’t God own the cattle on a thousand hills? We're confident in His provision, and even hope to be able to bless another adoptive couple financially with the money we raise.”

John and Melody are adopting in Colorado!
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Love. Pray. Give.

Ways YOU can help us!



First and foremost, know that your presence and support in this process MEANS THE WORLD to us! You just saying you're here for us, that you'll be excited for us and joining us on this journey is everything. Without your love, we couldn't do this.



Prayer is powerful. It's through prayer that we're able to connect with God, listen to Him for our next steps, and know with all certainty that God is in control and that His plan in all of this is greater than anything we can imagine.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. —Mark 11:14

Knowing that you have our family in your prayers and that you're praying alongside us for a child means so much to us!



As you may have guessed, adoption of a child (domestically and internationally) is expensive. Your financial support, of ANY amount, will help bring home our baby. It takes a village, and we're confident in the village that God has provided us with. In fact, we're excited to see how we can pay forward the funds we raise to other adoptive families in need.