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BUT, it is true that we get a lot of the same questions. So, you can find the answers to those here!


Why does it cost around $45,000 to adopt a child?

Here's a breakdown:

Independent consultant
Home study
Certified certificates
Criminal record checks
Notarization/authorization of documents
Application fees

Attorney/Agency fees (this is the bulk of the cost, anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000)
Profile book for expectant birth parents
Expectant mother expenses (we pay any medical bills and care she incurs during her pregnancy and delivery,
as well as any living expenses she needs help with)
Travel/meals/lodging relating directly to the adoption
Post-placement report
Post-placement visits
Certified court documents
Certificate of citizenship

Also note that 45k is an ESTIMATE. Expenses vary a great deal. We were told to anticipate spending anywhere from 30k to 50k. (Sometimes I can't believe the amount in which I'm referring to!) So we're raising every penny for every step of the way, and that 45k is what God laid on our hearts to raise. So there you have it. :) We will be adjusting this amount once we have specifics (like the adoption agency fees).



God is SO good, isn't He? He always provides. And that's why when I typed that question, I got butterflies, because I'm confident it's totally doable to not just reach the 38k, but surpass it.

We absolutely believe in paying it forward, which is why we'd love to help out another adoptive family! While the expenses of having a child go far beyond that of adoption fees (nursery, clothes, care, food, etc.), we are secure in our income to know we can sustain a family of three.

That being said, we would love any gently used items you may have for us! We don't need new. Your generosity in any measure would be so appreciated.


Do you still hope to have children of your own?

First of all: my adoptive children will be children of my own. What you mean to ask is: Do you still hope to one day have biological children?

We answer with a resounding and hopeful "yes!" The Lord can bless us in MANY ways. Adoption is not a second best option. It's just another option. We're so excited to be adopting first, and letting our adoptive child make us "mom" and "dad." And at the same time can continue to pray and hope for a biological child as well!


What type of child are you looking to adopt?

We aren't looking for a specific gender or race, but rather whichever the Lord leads us to. There are many things to consider, including the birth mom's preferences! Boy or girl, one or two... this is all a part of the unpredictable journey!


Why open adoption?

Honestly, we're still discovering the answer to this ourselves. But from the research we've done so far, and the advice we've gained from fellow adoptive parents, we've discovered the beautiful and healthy relationship between the adoptive parents, adoptive child, and birth mom.

Think about it... you carry a child in your womb for 9 months. You decide to give your child to a wonderful, loving adoptive family, knowing that's the best for them. You labor and deliver a beautiful little baby. For both your physiological and emotional well-being, wouldn't it be wonderful to know that every month you'll receive a photo of your baby? That you can shoot a brief email to the adoptive parents and make sure the child is doing well?

It's a healthy, compassionate relationship. It helps the child later in life answer some really important questions, and the birth mom to always know her biological child is being well taken care of. It's a modern model of adoption that just makes sense.


What if you get pregnant during the adoption process?

We're currently working with an independent consultant which allows us to put the process on hold if needed. We're convicted, we've been called—we will adopt. But if for some reason we get pregnant during this process, we're more than ready to accept it with great joy, have our biological child, then proceed with adoption when we feel we're ready.

Something we've learned a great deal about: God's plan is always greater (and different) than ours. So whatever He has in store for us, we're ready to go forward in faith. 


You're asking for funds and fundraising for the adoption. but Are you making any personal sacrifices?

GREAT QUESTION. We could NEVER ask our family and friends to sacrifice before we've made sacrifices ourselves! So, what are we doing exactly?

First, we made budget adjustments. The usual purge—what do we need? What do we not need? What expenses are frivolous that we can cut?

All of this includes Starbucks runs and eating out, cutting back the grocery budget, and getting rid of luxuries like Spotify premium. (I think of you, my future little bug, every time an ad plays.)

We're also brainstorming monthly challenges to help us cut back on expenses and contribute to our fund. We're thinking about not eating out anywhere for a solid month. We're thinking about starting a loose change jar, donating $5 in cash to ourselves any time we say a buzz word, and selling off anything and everything we can around the house. AAANNNDDD we're picking up some miscellaneous side jobs (still in the works).

We have a long way to go, but we're trying! And we're excited for all of the amazing fundraisers we have coming up (those in of itself are like a part time job to plan, plan, plan)!


Also, please note, all of the funds we raise are not going to the routine expenses of having a child. We will be paying for nursery items, diapers, milk, etc. out of our usual income. We're raising funds for the over and above expenses associated directly with the adoption process.


Speaking of fundraisers, what all are you doing to raise funds?

If we were to answer this in full, we'd need to create a new website. So we'll just give you a peek:

First, have you heard about Just Love Coffee? Buy some delicious coffee beans from them and we get a portion of your purchase! *Insert caffeinated happy dance here.*

We're collecting aluminum! (Don't laugh. We're finally recycling!) We want your aluminum, and we'll even give you a special recycle bin that's labeled "Because of you, we CAN adopt!" to help you collect all of it. We want your cans! Okay... point taken.

T-shirts coming soon! We'll be selling some pretty cool t-shirts to raise funds (remember, I'm a cool designer person -- so you know these t-shirts will be good)! We're going to do a big week-long push for t-shirt sales, so be on the lookout for when that starts!

We'll also be offering some family photo mini sessions, a BBQ dinner (have you had John's smoked tri tip?), online adopt shop, online raffle, local HUGE yard sale... uhm, yep. I think that's all I've got for now. *Whew*


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