Egg My Yard Adoption Fundraiser

Your child can wake up on Easter morning to a yard filled with treat-stuffed eggs and a special note from the Easter Bunny!
All the while you support a local adopting family in need of funding for their adoption!


Egg My Yard - How it Works
Egg My Yard Process
Egg My Yard Details
Egg My Yard Process

Choose how many eggs you want stuffed and delivered to your home, as well as what night (Friday night—March 30, or Saturday night—March 31) by purchasing one of the options below.

You'll be asked to specify which neighborhood you live in as well as provide your address. This year we are offering FRONT YARD EGGING ONLY due to last year there being too many obstacles, locked gates, and not-so-friendly dogs (true story!).

You'll be contacted after all egg deliveries have been scheduled with a delivery time (half hour time slot between 7 and 11 pm in which you can expect to see two to four "Easter Bunnies" hiding the eggs around your yard).

You and your littles will wake to a yard filled with eggs (including one special jumbo egg!) and a special note from the Easter Bunny left on your doorstep:

You've been egged!
I've hidden my Easter eggs in your yard! Find them to receive a special little treat.
Enjoy the hunt, and Happy Easter!
Love, The Easter Bunny (plus a bunny foot print)

(Optional note: Enjoy the hunt, and remember to celebrate that Jesus is risen! Happy Easter!)

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What's in the Eggs


Each egg (plastic, in pastels and primary colors) will be stuffed with one of the following:
Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Starburts, M&Ms, Laffy Taffy, Jolly Ranchers, Nerds, Smarties, and Sweet Tarts,
all sealed in individual packaging, as well as some fun little trinkets and toys (erasers, bouncy balls, etc.)

Unfortunately we're unable to accommodate the needs of children with peanut and gluten allergies.

Egg My Yard Process


Yep, good 'ol Colorado and its Easter snow storms!
In the case of terrible weather (a light snow dusting is a-okay), we'll leave the eggs on your doorstep in a basket with a note that reads:

Happy Easter! Love, The Easter Bunny

We'll wrap it in cellophane to keep any moisture off of the eggs.

Egg My Yard Process


100% of every penny made goes to an adoptive family's adoption fund! This family JUST started the adoption process, and has not yet made the announcement
to loved ones. So we're holding the fundraiser for them, and all proceeds go to their fund!

Remember us from last year? YOU helped us raise money to bring home our son! We actually ended up flying to Florida to adopt our son over Easter, so our family stepped in and egged yards for us! We're so grateful for them, and can't wait to do it this year. You can read our story here.

Happy Easter from Egg Your Yard!