Market Partner

MArket Partner with Monat

MONAT is a premium naturally-based hair care line that helps heal and repair your hair from the inside out - giving you the best hair you've ever had. Our products are infused with REJUVENIQUE Oil Intensive which is our own proprietary blend of unique, rare oils, scientifically combined with powerful, active botanical ingredients clinically proven to deliver instant as well as long term age-prevention results.

There are three easy ways to purchase our products and the choice is up to you.

1. You can spend money as a retail customer, which is like buying from a salon.

2. Or save money as one of my VIP customers, which includes 15% off, free shipping, a free Only For You product, and the chance to participate in the Three & Thank You program where you can earn $84 credit to us any way you would like.

3. Or my favorite, earn money as a Market Partner! You get 30% off on the products you order & can earn a 15-40% commission on all customer orders. You also have the opportunity to earn generous bonuses and commissions while you build your business.

This post is all about how you can earn money by becoming a Market Partner.


  • Same awesome perks as a VIP member including free shipping and free monthly products with orders
  • 30% off all products
  • 15-40% commission on all custom orders placed under you
  • Generous bonuses by ranking and achieving your business goals
  • An encouraging community of like-minded individuals that will help you build the business of your dreams


  • Invest in a product pack of your choice
    • There's a $99 starter kit that gives you all the basic stuff you need (however this option does not include products that are for you to use personally)
    • Overachiever pack is $599 and includes over $1098 in product, which is a 45% savings!
    • Success product pack is $399 and includes $694 in product which is a 43% savings!
    • Business product pack is $299 and includes $495 in product which is a 40% savings.

That's it! Purchase your product pack, jump into SMART START to earn up to $1800 (or more) in bonuses within your first two months, and find freedom in working for yourself.